Our great story started in 1997
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We have been a creative studios. We founded our company in 1997 in Lyon's city area on the meeting of 2 brothers with different courses. At this period in France, the computer's graphic industry beginning and we were among the pionniers 3D creative studio in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes area.

Our two different sensibilities permit us to imagine universes with original concepts and new fields of expression. We learned together with only our respective formations as weapons for learning and find technical solutions to the problems posed. So, that's how I took care of the modeling part and my brother took care of the rendering images and animations.

We have always considered ourselves artisans of the image and have worked to defend this status. Enjoy our world.
Sketch, design and modeling
Logo Guet-Apens - Guet-Apens - Laurent CROUZET
I discovered modeling with Sculpt-3D on Amiga 500 a few years now. Then, in 1995 I bought my first macintosh, one II FX and I'm falling to the Apple's world that I'll never leave it!

I worked successively with Sketch, Strata Studio Pro, Amapi, EIM, form*Z, Silo, Modo and today I have decide to work on Blender. That was always a difficult way to make computer's graphic on Mac at this period and with my brother Stephane we had to worked hard during all these years to staying on this heart's platform.

We had knowing two big Apple hardware's mutations from PowerPC to Intel Core and one for the software transition to OSX. Today, I'm hope a new way for 3D on mac with silicon's plateform and Blender's software.
3D, 2D, FX, motion and compositing
Logo Guet-Apens - Guet-Apens - Laurent CROUZET
The Amiga being family's computer, my brother learned with it too. He studied graphic design and photography at the School of Visual Arts in Quebec (Canada) and cinema at the Communication Institute of the University of Lyon II (France).

Now, he live and work in Paris aka motionSoul. He's a 3D director, motion designer, animator, and CG artist currently working as a freelancer at various post production and broadcast design companies.

If you want to seeing our old showreel.
Such a good part of my life, Thanks
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