Nothing is ever really ended
Space ship with robot - Guet-Apens - Laurent CROUZET
So, the wonderfully story is done, but perhaps it's possible to invent the following

I was twelve in eighties when the computer became a reality for all. Before they only existed in books, movies or were reserved for scientists and it was just dream for me. This was a very good and strong dream, at this moment in my life I was drawing a lot and I was interested by technology. I had maked some electronic kits, like an organ or others, and one day after Christmas, I spent all my savings and take a risk to bought a box kit of Sinclair ZX-81.

Today, I try to give more attention to nature and therefore to be more responsible in my artistic practice. It's not very easy to combine these. Generally, I change my hardware after at least six years, I optimize all my websites and I visible less in social's networks.

Finally, I really like the fantastic computer tool mainly for their great capacities offered and CG images remain one of my favorite medium. With Guet-Apens brand, I want to continue exploring these different techniques.